TDI Live

TDI Live: Episode 81 – Tortoise Smugglers, Mysteries of the Suez Canal, & Real vs. Fake Headlines!

April 8, 2021

Join Matt, Bill, Heather, and Stephanie on this week’s episode as they discuss…


-What’s New in the World of TDI? – Cool new products, an upcoming show, and our expanded fish section!

-The news story of someone attempting to smuggle almost 200 Galapagos Tortoise babies out of the Galapagos Islands

-The myth that snakes without rattles rattle their tails to imitate rattlesnakes!

-The mysteries and conspiracies about the Suez Canal Incident

-And we play a new game of “Spot the Real News Headline”!


Song Title & Artist: “Saviors” by Rex Banner

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